Parenting Seminar Overview

This seminar includes 6 one-hour sessions designed to encourage parents in the challenging responsibilities of "growing" their children from toddlers to teens according to biblical principles. Although the seminar is best presented in a casual Friday evening/Saturday morning format, a full-day Saturday can be accommodated. Please call us toll-free, 1-888-827-7959, for more detailed information and schedule availability.

This session includes an introduction and personal testimony of the speakers, a review of the scriptural basis for biblical parenting, and a short overview of the subsequent seminar topics.

Starting with the Right Foundation
This session includes a discussion about the foundational relationships in the family; a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, biblical roles of the husband and wife in the marriage and family relationship, and the role and relationship of children in the god-honoring family.

Roots and Wings
This session helps parents identify and cultivate biblical values (roots) to enable their children to stand firm in the storms of life, and a biblical vision and practical life skills (wings) for the future to prepare them to soar like eagles as they leave the nest.

Discipling vs. Discipline
This session focuses on the continuing action of discipling through the four primary stages of parenting; the discipline phase, the training phase, the coaching phase, and the friendship phase. This session includes a discussion about obedience, foolishness vs. childishness, and consequences including biblical chastisement.

Caring, Communicating, and Connecting
This session identifies the need for care, communication, and connection within the family and highlights practical ways to demonstrate care for one another, how to improve communication among family members, and how to achieve and maintain "connection" within the family.

Enjoying the Teen Years
This session gives hope to many parents who may be dreading the teen years because of horror stories about raging hormones, slamming doors, and violent teenage rebellion.  This session includes some practical ways to build and maintain healthy, trusting, and mutually respectful relationships with your teens resulting in routine joy not heartbreak during those years.