Marriage Enrichment Seminar Overview

This seminar includes 5 one-hour sessions designed to encourage and equip husbands and wives in the challenging responsibilities of "growing" their marriage according to biblical principles. Although the seminar is best presented in a casual Friday evening/Saturday morning format, a full-day Saturday can be accommodated. Please call us toll-free, 1-888-827-7959, for more detailed information and schedule availability.

This session includes an introduction and personal testimony of the speakers, a review of the scriptural basis for marriage, and a short overview of the subsequent seminar topics.

Starting with the Right Foundation
This session includes a discussion about the foundational relationships in the family; a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, biblical roles of the husband and wife in the marriage and family relationship, and the role and relationship of children in the God-honoring family.

Marriage: A Covenant Commitment
This session identifies the need for a covenant commitment within the marriage relationship, and provides practical ways to honor and protect the covenant.

Mutual Submission in the Marriage Relationship
This session helps husbands and wives understand the biblical requirement for submission within the marriage relationship, and practical ways to honor one another by giving preference to one another.

Caring, Communicating, and Connecting
This session identifies the need for continuous care, communication, and connection with one another in the marriage relationship.